She worked as senior resident at Guntur General Hospital and She got selected for many prestigious fellowships such as Indian Association of Dermatologist Venereologist and Leprologists (IADVL)observership etc.



Ear And Nose Piercing

We are Specialized in Ear and Nose Piercing too

The piercing gun (stud gun) is a specialized tool designed specifically for use on ear lobes, or the nose, or the navel. A stud gun must only be used for the body part for which it is designed. For example, an ear piercing gun should not be used to pierce any other part of the body. This includes the upper cartilaginous parts of the ear.

Ear piercing guns must be stored in a clean, dry and hygienic container. The container should be cleaned on a regular basis. The piercing gun must not be stored carelessly in a drawer where it could be exposed to contaminants.