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Laboratory Tests

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Many skin problems are temporary and can be treated with medications or simply with time.

Diagnostic tests are indicated when the cause of a skin lesion or disease is not obvious from history and physical examination alone. These include

There are several types of skin biopsy:

Wedge excision

Punch biopsy

In a punch biopsy, a tubular punch (diameter usually 4 mm) is inserted into deep dermal or subcutaneous tissue to obtain a specimen, which is snipped off at its base.

Shaving biopsy

Shaving with a scalpel or razor blade may be done for more superficial lesions. Bleeding is controlled by aluminum chloride solution or electrodesiccation; large incisions are closed by sutures.

Wedge excision

Wedge excision of skin using a scalpel can be done for larger or deeper biopsies.

Pigmented lesions are often excised for histologic evaluation of depth; if too superficial, definitive diagnosis may be impossible. Diagnosis and cure can often be achieved simultaneously for most small tumors by complete excision that includes a small border of normal skin.