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Treatment for Vitiligo With Advanced Technology

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Pigmentation means discolouration of the skin. There may be increased pigmentation (Melasma, solar melanos is, freckles, Drug induced pigmentation etc.) or decreased pigmentation (healing lesions, pityriasis alba, leprosy etc.) or complete absence of pigment (Vitiligo) Vitiligo.

What is Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a disease which results in white patches on various areas on the skin, which is caused due to illness of the cells called melanocytes that give colour to the skin. Apart from the exterior parts, it also affects the mucous membranes from interior parts of the nose and mouth.

Why it occurs

Causes of vitiligo are not yet defined properly but as per the research, it occurs due to immune system changes, genetics and also due to emotional stress which results in self destruction of the melanocytes.

Common Areas affected by Vitiligo

  • Finger and toe tips
  • Near the mouth
  • Eyes
  • Inside the nose
  • Stomach
  • Genitals

Get the Treatment For White Patches at Chandana Skin Clinic. Our experts are here to help you with multiple advanced treatment options for vitiligo like Phototherapy, the best treatment for Vitiligo which not only helps in eradicating the white spots but also treats other skin diseases such as Atopic Dermatitis, Psoriasis, Chronic Eczema etc.

Other treatment options for vitiligo like medical therapy, laser treatment and vitiligo surgery are also available.